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yes, sure! if you could do that as a guide, that would be grand! Thank you! <3

No problem bb! I’ll try to get it up by today or sometime this week / end. (Sorry for the possible delay. I have finals).

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Thanks anon !

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Is there a RP with an open Tom Hiddleston?

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whitewingsrp inquired:

Hi, could we please get a shoutout? We’re a new bio rp, that revolves around guardian angels and the humans they have to “save”! We only need 4 more apps to open and we’d love some apps for some of our males (especially the Michael Clifford FC). Thank you very much for your help! xx

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Hi Lovely, we are a new One Tree Hill Next Generation Roleplay and we would love to have some auditions. We have many FC’s that we would love to see taken including Darren Criss, Josh Hutchinson, Nina Dobrev, Chord Overstreet, Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Steven R McQueen, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and many more as well as most of the One Tree Hill Cast. Thank you.


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Could we get a shout out pretty please? We're a brand new Youtube rp that puts famous youtubers, with less known youtubers (OCs) all together in a house.


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Do you know of any guides that talk about portraying a smoker?

Not at the moment. I can make a master guide for you later if you want?

Or anyone who knows of a guide to portraying a smoker please like this!!

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Well. If anyone needs me. I’ll be here… 

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projectrp inquired:

Hey sweets. Any chance of us getting a shoutout? We're a highly active new OC rp that just accepted last night. However we're highly in need of three more straight males. We're accepting straight males immediately and FCs like Justin Bieber, Liam Payne, Keegan Allen, Nathan Sykes, and many more are open! xX
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anyone need help?

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